PRO Olympics with a TWIST!
If you have to pay for the Olympics
you should benefit too - Directly!

Vancouver based Area46 Media Communications, the parent of, has managed operations and promotion for thousands of events around the world.

We have worked extensively in the entertainment industry with CBC, CBS, Grammy Award winning artists and also traditional companies like IBM, Eli Lilly, Hubbell and IBEW, and have had the pleasure of working events with a variety of Canadian politicians and  even two US Presidential Teams.
We have also managed projects at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary and also Expo '86 in Vancouver.

In addition we've developed community-based Internet communication strategies for thousands of independent and franchised companies, and managed projects in Canada, United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim. We have over twenty years experience in the traditional world of marketing, operations and promotion, plus eleven years exclusively as New Media communicators, developers and advisors.

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