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OlyBLOG is for businesses across Canada, especially in Vancouver / Whistler and throughout B.C. We also hope companies in Alberta and United States (i.e. Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and California) will find OlyBLOG interesting and informative.

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Anonymous Space for Media Pros

Welcome to a media experiment of Olympic proportion.

Our goal is to make it easy for media professionals to frankly report Olympic info without having to worry about their bosses censoring … or worse, firing them. There is a fine line and big difference between censoring and editing.

It is an unspoken truth in the news industry, that in Olympic regions, reporters, journalists, editors and producers, etc., are often surreptitiously, and sometimes even openly muzzled by their employers. "Owners" of news companies are justifiably worried that if they report in an unbiased manner regarding the Games that they will be shut out by Olympic organizations and miss out on millions of dollars in revenue.

In Sydney, Australia, Olympic organizations threatened that if news companies photographed or reported information detrimental to the Games that they would ban them from access to future material, and that they would lose their accreditation. Consequently, in an effort to stay on the good side of Olympic organizations, news companies, especially local newspapers that have the most to gain and lose, don't share all the information a community needs in order to responsibly and profitably manage Olympic events. It's a relatively common problem in all Olympic regions. Reporters quit or are fired because they cannot in good conscience cooperate with their employers. Unfortunately too, many simply stew, which is worse because it adds tension to the already growing discontent and apathy in newsrooms straining under increased workloads. When this happens, spelling, grammar and factual errors leach into the system. Unhappy soldiers create sloppy work.

In an effort to entice media pros to tell us what you really think, we are offering FREE space on OlyBLOG to ANONYMOUSLY express your opinion. We will offer you space to say what you can't say within your daily purview. We will follow journalistic convention as it relates to "sources," and promise NOT to divulge, unless under a court order, and maybe not even then depending on the circumstances, who the media pro is that supplied the information - unless they expressly indicate they want to be identified.

It's an open offer to all media pros to tell us what you really see happening in our Olympic region. Use any format you prefer, written, audio, or video and we will host it here. If you disagree with how your news media employer is handling Olympic information, and you want to set the record straight, but not lose your job, this is your opportunity. Tell us for example what you really think about McDonalds hyping 2010 in local schools, or how it will impact our community when security companies cut corners on staff licensing.

In fact, we're going to even take it a step further and offer the same free anonymous service to the "owners" of mainstream news companies. Quite often owners are stuck between a rock and the IOC. Everyone wants to make money, but sometimes owners look the other way and inadvertently sell out the community. I realize that offering this service to owners of news companies is a little weird, but owners of news companies are a little weird, so maybe it won't seem too far out of place.

We don't have many rules, and they will evolve as time goes on, but if you have something you'd like to add here to ensure your confidentiality, or to help us make this a smoother vehicle, please feel welcome to send your suggestions before you send your work.

We will not edit your work, but we might comment on it. Your information must be Olympic related (Games from 1896 forward). Obviously all the normal rules like slander and libel apply. We will keep your identity and that of your employer secret, unless you want us to reveal your name and we deem it appropriate to do so. No gratuitous Olympic boosterism allowed, unless it is used in balance to relate your story (We'll be the sole judge.).

Also, if there are any brave media pros out there who already blog about the Olympics, please send me your links and I will consider adding you to our list. It doesn't matter if you blog anonymously or in the open. If it fits our format, we'll add it.

Why are we doing this? One reason is because we are no longer willing to be interviewed by mainstream media and then panned by your editors and owners. We cooperate with you, you use our information, but by the time it gets to your boss it disappears, only to show up months later in a different form. When we asked why this happens, 100% of the responses were that your bosses said no, no way. (Note to bosses; Speaking out against drinking and driving used to be radical too, but eventually news companies got onboard in an effort to protect the community. We see a lot of similarities here when you consider that every Olympic event in recent history has created economic hardship in the host community. Our message from the very beginning has been, "If you have to pay for it, you should benefit too.")

Reason number two is that we want to find out if you're playing us regarding your bosses, or if you're just sampling our produce to regurgitate it without credit when it suites your agenda or economic plan. The reality is that services like ours do not need mainstream news companies to get our message out. It would be nice, but we are completely independent, and of late, on a roll. Interestingly, our readers are now starting to wonder where the hell you were for the last two years. (Although everyone who bought our book now knows.) Basically, mainstream news companies have been sitting in the bush trying to figure out how to make money off both sides of the fence, while we've been cruising along, biding our time helping small and midsize business develop profitable strategies. It still seems to surprise some reporters that we are outspoken regarding Olympic organizations. Your surprise makes me wonder how it is possible that you're so far behind the curve. It also confirms that you do not have a clue how Olympic organizations operate. Why are you scared to speak out against or challenge them like you would any other organization? Isn't that part of your job? Our research, experience, and common sense taught us that it's not about the Games, it's about the health of the local community. We hope mainstream media will eventually get on board too, but if not, c'est la vie.

We think mainstream media companies will soon either;
a.) report more fairly and thoroughly
b.) dig a deeper hole for themselves
c.) stay off the Olympic media field altogether
(we know that ain't gonna happen though)

If news companies pick b.), we have a life raft waiting for journalists, as well as a torpedo with your company's name on it. If your company shades the Olympic truth through misdirection or silence, we will, when appropriate, expose your actions and do everything in our power to blow you out of the water. Your disinformation is hurtful to the community. Either tell both sides, or shut the hell up. If you need research material, read my book. If you don't like my book, I can recommend others, but they won't be specific to Vancouver/Whistler. My book is probably the only source you will need. In fact, buy one for your boss too. You win, your boss wins, I win, and so does the community. (Sorry, no freebies. It's your responsibility to know your job, not mine. Even better still, get your boss to buy copies for everyone. It's not "The Good Book", but it's a good read, and you can regard it as gospel, or at least a starting point.)

We are doing this "now" because everything we've advised our viewers about over the last couple of years has come true or is about to surface in the next little while, and we think an anonymous space for frustrated journalists could be a powerful tool to convince your bosses to get with the program and to quit simply paying lip service to community spirit. Good community members don't sell out their neighbors. We've demonstrated from the beginning that the community should come first, then Canada, then the IOC. Apparently, some news companies in B.C. don't agree.

If you decide to take us up on our offer, you will have to include your full name and contact information. Like you, we don't want to be duped either. Each submission will be judged on its own merit. This invitation is initially going out to approximately 350 media professionals in Canada, mostly from B.C., and primarily the GVRD. We built this list based on media professionals who in the last few years, have produced or been associated with work that references the Olympics.

We think this is a novel, and contemporary approach to an age-old problem, and we don't expect anyone to jump in too quickly, but we do know that when one brave soul takes the plunge, the dam will burst. Who knows, we might even get a rise from disgruntled VANOC staff. If we do, we'll create a separate platform. Mr. Chan, Mr. Matheson, this offer extends to you too.

This area however is reserved for media.

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