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Strategies for Handling the 2010 Olympics

  Copyright 2009 Canada Wide Media Limited

* excerpt from Leverage Olympic Momentum ...         
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** excerpt ...

Canada Wide Media Limited
, publishers of BC Business Magazine, interviewed me recently for a
feature article in
Grocer Today

It's titled ...

Olympic Survival Guide

Strategies for handling 2010 Traffic,
on the Streets and in the Aisles.

Grocer Today's report addresses the
opportunities available to ALL food industry businesses in Western Canada respective of the 2010 Olympics.

Freelance writer Robin Brunet did the interview. We spoke for more than an hour and a half about the opportunities and challenges retailers would have, and how they could best leverage 2010 momentum.

In this feature report
Robin also consulted:

Vicki Foley,
Public Relations Manager
Whole Foods Markets

Denise MacDonald
Director of Marketing

Brian Bradley
Senior Manager
Canada Safeway

Ken Hardie

Trish Hudson
Marketing Manager
GFS Canada

Grocer Today is the largest food retail business magazine in Western Canada with a readership of 60,000. The magazine speaks to Canada's food producers, manufacturers, brokers, and food and drug retailers.

We included a few excerpts here from the interview, but keep in mind that what VANOC and Olympic organizations promise is often much different than what the Olympics deliver.

It's not as easy as most think to make the Olympic experience profitable. It's important to plan carefully, and consider the Games as friendly ... but still a competitor.

Olympic events are incredibly disruptive, which makes it extremely difficult for ALL customers, including loyal, to reach your location.

Transportation is always a nightmare for everyone including employees, suppliers, local customers, and especially tourists.

Don't underestimate
this challenge.


Fish Where the Fish Are - Video #3
Many retailers in Olympic regions are intimidated to leverage Olympic momentum, but the smart ones know that if they want to get in on the excitement they have to look to Olympic athletes to bridge the gap.

Fish Where the Fish Are!
Watch this video to learn how ...

Video # 3 in a series

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Tips for Driving 2010 Traffic to Your Business

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